thursday i don't care about you

Tried doing this "one-photo-per-hour" thing yesterday, i did pretty good. so here's my friday:
08:22AM Just a few minutes before my french class started I was still at home. don't think the excuse "better late than never" will help charm the teacher much longer.
03:22PM At my place with sepet.
04:16PM got into some random stairwell while waiting for the bus.
04:58PM found our classmates with a bag of crisps on the floor outside hemköp. apparently stone-face is the new happy-face.
05:57PM Disa is a little special, she thinks it's hilarious to put eggs in her mouth...
07:12PM to save money, we made our own tortillas... umm, they were also special.
09:30PM Chocolate pie.
10:01PM headache.
10:51PM fewd.
01:46AM tucked my babies in just before 2am.
11:22AM breakfast.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Disa aka sepet2/13/2010 02:39:00 em

    HAHAHAHAHAHA, fewd det är så jäävla roligt bara! och nice att jag verkligen ser sepe ut på varje bild...

  2. lånar stoneface bilden <3 hahahaha

  3. sv: hej linnea! och tack så hjärtligt. vilken bra filmsmak du har förresten.