x-mas tree

(Me and my father dressed the christmas tree tonight. It looks a little... raped. BTW just found my journal from 1999. Even though I don't understand half of the things I've written, it's fucking hilarious!)

3 kommentarer:

  1. Omg, I love the tree. Adorable how you and your father did it :D What a cute activity. Oh my I would wet myself reading my diaries.

  2. Sv.Jo jag har försökt men fanns inte på det jag köpt. Inget bra i alla fall :S

  3. Um I couldn't tell you because it is on a shuffle. I have linked my playlist in the blog underneath the player so incase you are heaps desperate, you can search through to find the song you are after. I have hidden the writing on the playlist because it looks too big with the layout and clashes with the overall design.